What we are about:

Waimakariri after the earthquakes knows better than most about resilience.

We want Waimakariri to make a difference globally - resilient, sustainable communities are the future -  and we want to help with the districts success by sharing successful eco friendly, waste reducing, recycling projects, sharing resources, sharing success.

Small and medium businesses are crucial to our local community - spending our money locally, turbo charges our local businesses…. turbo charging our community

We want to build a sustainable Waimakariri global community… weave our community together - turning needs into opportunities

Weaving our Community Together

Each year 2.5 million tonnes of waste is buried in NZ landfills

We use 700 million supermarket plastic bags every year

We go through 295 million cups of takeaway coffee a year

It takes 700 years before plastic bottles start to decompose


How can we help you?

Waimakariri Retailers

We have taken the list  developed by Liam and Hannah from the “The Rubbish trip” and edited to have only Waimakariri retailers… shops and businesses that provide eco friendly services/products. The list will expand as more retailers come forward.

Zero Waste in North Canterbury (excluding Christchurch City)

Bin Inn Rangiora, 87 Ivory Street, Rangiora – offers a wide array of dried food in bulk (including, but not limited to, nuts, seeds, cereals, grains, flours, pasta and legumes), a range of spices, plenty of unpackaged sweets, treats and snacks, and liquid foods like vinegar and oil.  They also both have a peanut butter extruder, just BYO jar! This particular Bin Inn also stocks Loving Earth chocolate (which comes in home compostable packaging).
All Bin Inns across the country offer a 5% discount if you bring your own bags and containers. (more…)

Waimakariri Resources

Here is a list of resources new and recycled that we have available:

Or apply here for specific resources that you require:

Businesses that have product or services to offer: place them here

Happy Helpers

  • Would love more people to help making bouquets,
  • would love donations of flowers,
  • would love tea cups…

Please contact Claire on 0276267706 discuss more informations, thank you! Regards Claire

Kaiapoi Residents are looking to create bags that can be placed in local supermarkets instead of people using single use plastic bags… simple bags will be given away for free and hope they will be returned and used again.

We plan to create a better quality bag for sale, so groups could use the bags as a fund raiser.

They would also like a supple of t shirts that could be used by non-food related businesses to put purchases in.

What they are looking for:

  • If you can assist with left over fabric, curtain fabric, cotton thread.
  • T shirts, second hand or new.
  • People that sew in a straight line, people that can cut out fabric.

Call Shirley or Brent on (03) 3270066 or (027) 2224767 or email brent@kaiapoi.info


Find Funding

Some projects will require funding.

To save time we have compiled a list of funding providers:

Lottery Health Research
Provides grants to organisations for health research projects, scholarships, fellowships and research equipment that will help improve the health of New Zealanders

Winston Churchill Memorial Trust:
Helping people to travel overseas to learn from others and study topics that will advance their occupation, trade, industry, profession or community and benefit New Zealand.

CERT – Your local Gaming Trust.

We are dedicated to making quality grants to local organisations that make a real difference in our community.

CERT was established in 2011 to assist with the Christchurch rebuild.  CERT’s focus is now on supporting amateur sport, education, arts and culture, and other community initiatives in Canterbury and Dunedin.

CERT is committed to looking after its customers and stakeholders; and acting with honesty and integrity in all its dealings.

Quality funding applications from organisations based in Canterbury and Dunedin are welcome.  Applications close on the first Wednesday of every month.

http://www.cert.net.nz/ (more…)

Businesses that support – weaving our community together

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